The Voices Israel Group of Poets

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First Zoom Workshop, December 2020

For most of 2020 our workshops were suspended because of the Corona pandemic. Finally we decided to run a series of mini-workshops via Zoom - two-hour meetings featuring two one-hour presentation-and-exercise sessions.  

Our first Zoom workshop, on the subject of Metrical Poetry,  took place on December 29th, 2020.  The two presentations, both given by our President, Judy Koren, were: 

  • Metrical Pets - on the basics of prosody and metre
  • Suiting metre to subject and "tricks of the trade" for varying the metre.

Members were clearly eager to get back to having workshops: registration for this somewhat technical subject was over-subscribed within a few days of opening, and the workshop was attended by the maximum 25 people, including one or two overseas members (an advantage of having online events). We somewhat overran the planned time but almost everyone stayed for the full 2:20 hours.

Our Membership Coordinator, Yochanan Zachantov, provided an online evaluation form and many of the attendees took advantage of it to give us feedback on their experience.  Many thanks to Yochanan, to our Secretary, Linda Suchy, for her able administration of  the registration process, and to our Past President, Susan Olsburgh, in her current role as Zoom administrator, for handling the Zoom invitation process.

Participants were invited, as usual, to submit the poems they wrote during the workshop - after editing and polishing if they wish - and these were included in an "e-chapbook" (in PDF form) of the workshop. To view the Metrical Poetry Workshop chapbook click here.