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Reuben Rose Competition

Winning Poems since 2004

The three winning poems of the competition, and the poems awarded an Honorable Mention, are published in the following year's Anthology. Online versions of the winning poems are also here on our website. They can be accessed by year from the links below, or from the top menu bar.

Most of the year-by-year pages directly contain the texts of the winning poems. For 2017 we changed this: that page contains the information about the competition, and a link to an online file containing not only the three winning poems but also the ten poems that received an Honorable Mention. 

Please note that from 2004 through 2007, four prizes were awarded and a variable number of Honorable Mentions or Commendations. In 2008 three prizes were awarded, followed by several Highly Commended poems and several Commended. In all these years, the full texts only of the prize-winning poems - not of the Commendations / Honorable Mentions - were uploaded to the website. From 2008 the full texts of all of them are available.