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Reuben Rose Winning Poems 2022

Results of the 2022 Reuben Rose Poetry Competition

  • Yiskah Rosenfeld - the 2021 First Prize winner.
  • Reuven Goldfarb - winner of an Honorable Mention in the 2021 competition. 
  • Yehoshua November - our International Judge for 2022.

First prize  Iris Dan, Israel – The Fear of Slipping Through Letters. To hear a recording of Iris reading her poem, click here.
Second prize — David Silverman, USA     The Prophet Elijah — Possibly — on 9th Avenue, Orders a Ham & Cheese Sandwich (Easy Mayo)
    To hear a recording of David reading his poem, click here.
Third prize — Judy Koren, Israel – How To Write a Middle Eastern Symphony. To hear a recording of Judy reading her poem, click here.

Honorable Mentions (in alphabetical order of poem title)

1HLY 48 by Pamela Wax, USA

Einstein's Brain by  Gabriel Emanuel, Israel

How To Break (A Container) by Roy "Robin" Bass, USA

In Lviv by  Jo-Ann Mort, USA

Jacob Wrestles the Angel – by Simon  Constam, Canada

Kol Nidrei Night Encounter by Esther B. Lipton, UK

Our Saturdays by  Alan Elyshevitz, USA

Pears by Celia Merlin, Israel

The Wedding Canopy – by  Rochelle S. Kochin, Israel

Until 120  by  Solly Kaplinski, Israel

To read and download the texts of the three winning poems and the ten that gained Honourable Mention click here (PDF file).