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Reuben Rose Winning Poems 2018

Results of the 2018 Reuben Rose Poetry Competition
Judges: Peter Thabit-Jones, UK; Mark Razyner, Israel; Iris Dan, Israel; and Avril Meallem, Israel.
First prize - John Gallas, UK:  at the funeral of a ploughman
Second prize - Donna Bechar, Israel: Pencil Me In
Third prize - Wendy Dickstein, Israel: Alexander Pope in Israel

Honorable Mentions (in alphabetical order of poem title)

Auschwitz - by John Ling, UK

 Bougainvillea - by E.D. Watson, USA 

 Flamenco - by Celia Merlin, Israel 

 Puppets and Cotton Candy - by Johnmichael Simon, Israel 

 Rembrandt’s Saul Listening to David - by Dina Yehuda, Israel 

 Something is Always Arriving at its End - by David Adès, Australia 

The Night You Ran Out the Door - by Sophia Luna, USA 

 The Numbers - by Patti Tana, USA

 The Tower - by Esther B. Lipton, UK

 Tilting at Windmills - by Jennifer Lagier, USA 

We'll have the poem texts up here as soon as possible - watch this space!