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Reuben Rose Winning Poems 2017

Results of the 2017 Reuben Rose Poetry Competition
Judges: Rick Lupert, USA;  Ricky Friesem, Israel; Joyce Schmid, USA

First prize - Marc Radzyner: girl in the white t-shirt
Second prize - Judy Belsky: Anne Frank
Third prize - Dina Yehuda: The Artist’s Bedroom

Honorable mentions in alphabetical order:

Elizabeth Claverie - The way your mouth holds my name
Iris Dan - The Geometry Homework
CB Follett - My Father
Evie Groch - Curtains
Roy Bernard Mann - Poem for the Mediterranean
Joan Michelson - Apron
Rumi Morkin (pseud. of Miriam Webber) - Privacy
Diane Ray - Yeats and the Likes of Me
Marjorie Stamm Rosenfeld - High Rise
David Silverman - Work of Heart

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