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Reuben Rose Winning Poems 2017

Results of the 2017 Reuben Rose Poetry Competition
Judges: Rick Lupert, USA;  Ricky Friesem, Israel; Joyce Schmid, USA

First prize - Marc Radzyner , girl in the white t-shirt
Second prize - Judy Belsky, Anne Frank
Third prize - Dina Yehuda, The Artist’s Bedroom

Honorable mentions in alphabetical order:

Elizabeth Claverie, the way your mouth holds my name
Iris Dan, The Geometry Homework
CB Follett, My Father
Evie Groch, Curtains
Roy Bernard Mann, Poem for the Mediterranean
Joan Michelson, Apron
Rumi Morkin (pseud. of Miriam Webber), Privacy
Diane Ray, Yeats and the Likes of Me
Marjorie Stamm Rosenfeld, High Rise
David Silverman, Work of Heart

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