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Magazines that have accepted poems from Israeli Voices members in the past year

The list below, compiled from past notices in our Newsletter, may help those of our members looking for where to publish, who want a shortcut to wading through all the lists of magazines. It contains only literary magazines that have published poems by at least one Israeli Voices member in the past year (as time goes on we'll keep adding to it). Some of them have published several. So we know they accept submissions from Israel, as well as other countries.

If your poem is accepted by a magazine, Israeli or foreign, please do notify our Secretary so that she can include it in our Newsletter and we can add it to this list. Not only will this give you the recognition you deserve, it will also help other Voices members looking for where to publish.

Voices Israel members: this is your resource list! If you know about a cool resource that you think deserves a place in any of the lists in this section - or a category we haven't covered yet - just drop a line to our Webmistress and we'll check it out (the final decision about whether to include a link rests with Voices).

Ascent Aspirations Magazine – “Friday’s Poems” section

Amaravati Poetic Prism, the international multilingual poetry anthology; 2018.

Conceit magazine group –  Perry Terrell Publishing –
Perry Terrell is the publisher of multiple magazines: Conceit Magazine, Amulet, Mystical Muse, Spontaneous Spirits (all of which have published poems by Voices members); and Lone Stars, The Ultimate Writer, Luminaries, The Enchanted File Cabinet and The Bracelet Charm (which have not but presumably would accept). Unfortunately most do not have their own website and there is very little information about any of them on the website found, which is mainly about Conceit Magazine. 

Constellations –

Lighten Up Online - A British quarterly webzine for light verse, in any format, free or formal. Appears in September, December, March and June. Even though it's an e-zine, the lead time to publication of "table of contents" items is usually at least six months. Short pieces for its "Interludes" sections (up to around 8 lines, any format) and entries for its monthly fun competitions, appear much more quickly. 

Mizmor Anthology  An annual anthology accepting contributions internationally. 

The editors are interested in spiritually engaged poetry from a broad range of perspectives: heal, repair, transform the world. The 2019 anthology will be opened for submissions by January 15, 2019.

Narrow Road  Accepts poetry of any form, but requests to note the following:

" We do not look at unnecessarily rhyming words very kindly. But go ahead and send a villanelle, sonnet or any other form poetry if you’re confident of getting the meter and rhythm right, alongside the rhyme. Please avoid sending us shape poetry."

Submission is online via the site (not via Submittable) – fill in the form and paste your poem directly into the text area provided. Submission by email is also possible - instructions on the Submissions page.

" We’re proud of Permafrost’s forty years as interior Alaska’s foremost literary magazine.  Founded in 1977, Permafrost is housed at the University of Alaska Fairbanks MFA program, and run by dedicated creative writing graduate students. We publish a winter print issue as well as a spring online issue, both of which feature compelling poetry, fiction, and literary nonfiction by established writers and new voices alike. In Alaska, our unique environment shapes our perspective, but Permafrost seeks original voices from all over the world."

Poetry Pacific (“a literary ezine”)

Poetry Super Highway – Poem of the Week section

Poetry Super Highway – 20th issue of Shoah poems . A collection published annually on Holocaust Remembrance Day.

Poets Reading the News
“Poets Reading the News is a digital platform that publishes original poetry about current events. We believe in the power of poetry to transform the world and how we see each other. We call it journalism in verse.”

Sasson Magazine "Contributors to this site are 100% committed to halacha... but we just hate all the labels and the hair-splitting... Sasson aims to build a bridge of words across all those false divisions by creating a vibrant, online community of believing Jews who aren't scared to talk about the real challenges - and the real joys - of living a full Jewish life."

Synchronized Chaos -
"an interdisciplinary art, literary, science, cultural and travel writing journal. We're working with the idea of not-obviously-apparent logic that seems to emerge sponaneously from randominity... we're about ... finding, promoting and encouraging resourceful, imaginative thinking and helping people along the way as they decide how to harness creativity for positive good."

Accepts both free verse and formal poetry, including “poetry re-examining or re-inventing old formal styles for modern issues and sensibilities”. Please email your submission to with “Synchronized Chaos” in the subject line.

The Blue Nib -  “The Blue Nib has dedicated itself to discovering the very best new voices in fiction, nonfiction, and poetry. The magazine in both print but increasingly in digital format is our central focus, and our aim is to publish and promote new content from the strongest established and emerging voices.”

The Broken Plate 
“The Broken Plate is a nationally distributed literary magazine produced by Ball State University undergraduates. The magazine features poetry, fiction, creative nonfiction, screenwriting, one-act plays, art and photography, book reviews, and interviews.” It “publishes a variety of works by both emerging and established authors.”

The Poeming Pigeon: In The News -
“We welcome work from both established and emerging writers alike. Every submission starts out in the same pile and is judged merely on its own merit, not the reputation of the writer. We enjoy poems of all styles: formal, free-verse, metered, non-rhyming, experimental, nostalgic, political, erotic, abstract, lyrical, etc.”

The Road Not Taken: A Journal of Formal Poetry
As its name says, this is an outlet for formal poetry only: no free verse please!   Accepts submissions emailed to the editor:  on the following schedule:
Fall Submission Period:                    August 15th - October 15th
Spring Submission Period:                January 15th - March 15th
Summer Submission Period:             April 1st- June 15th             
Editors do not read any submissions until after the reading period is closed. 

A poetry magazine published in Swansea, Wales with an international perspective: aims to publish quality poems from around the world. It appears twice a year, in winter and summer.  Each issue features a Poet Profile: a batch of pages given over to a chosen poet. The policy is to try to alternate between a British poet and a non-British poet.  Submit no more than four poems (no long poems please) to


Tuck Magazine 
“Tuck Magazine is a political, human rights, lit, music and arts journal with a difference: we aim to entertain a wide variety of readers globally. We are an online globally focused and socially conscious journal for the discerning reader, where vital commentary and the arts merge. Any genre is accepted as long as the work is interesting and well written.”

Writing in a Woman’s Voice