Voices Israel Poetry

Group of Poets in English

Voices Poetry Workshops

Voices organizes occasional poetry workshops, usually several times a year.

Workshops may be led by one or more Voices members, visiting poets or academics in the field. They typically follow the format of one or more presentations followed by writing time, and each workshop is organized around one (or sometimes two) specific theme(s) - see the workshops on this site for examples.

Following a workshop, participants are usually invited to submit the poems they wrote at the workshop - or revised versions of them - for inclusion in a workshop chapbook. Recent chapbooks in pdf format are accessible online from this website - see the links from the menu. They are also available in print form for a nominal fee (usually around 20  - 25 NIS).

Members who are interested to organize a workshop, or have a theme they would like to attend a workshop on, are invited to contact either our Secretary, Linda Suchy, or our President, Susan Olsburgh.