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Submitting to the Voices Israel Anthology 

For general information about our Anthology, please see the top-level Anthology page.  For how to buy the Anthology, see the Buying the Anthology page.

The current volume (2022, Volume 48) was distributed in mid-August 2022. Paid-up members of Voices Israel are sent a copy of the Anthology whether they are published in it or not, as part of their membership, shipping included.   

The Anthology is currently open for submissions. The submission period opened on December 15th 2022 and remains open through March 14th, 2023. A button to submit poems appears at the bottom of this page.


Submissions for the Anthology are usually accepted from December 15th through March 15th of the following year, Israeli time.  International submitters: please don't leave it to the last hour to submit, you might find you've missed the submission period if you haven't calculated the time difference correctly!

The editorial board then reviews all submissions, makes its decisions, and sends notices out to contributors. The anthology is usually printed by early September, and distributed to paid-up Voices Israel members and others who have ordered and paid for copies. Copyright for individual poems is retained by the author of each poem. Copyright for the anthology belongs to Voices Israel Group of Poets in English.

How to Submit

There is no fee for submitting poems for publication in our Anthology.

Poems must be submitted using the Voices Israel Online Submission Manager, powered by Submittable. This is the only way to submit your poems. Email submissions to any of our team will not be considered. 

The button for submitting via Submittable appears at the end of this page - it will only connect to the submission form during the submission period. Before clicking on that button please read the following guidelines and instructions.

  • You MUST read the full Guidelines at the top of the submission form on the Submittable page.

  • Important! Please note that poems must be submitted one by one on Submittable, each poem in a separate submission.
          Please do not try to submit two or three poems at once.

  • The poems or translations submitted must have been written by the submitter. You cannot enter a poem or translation by
          somebody else. 

  • You may submit a maximum of 3 poems on any subject. Poems should not exceed 41 lines including stanza breaks but not including title. 

          Lines longer than 68 characters, including punctuation and spaces between words, will be counted as two lines.

  • Poems must be submitted by typing or copying them into the space provided in the online form. We do not accept uploaded files.  
          To ensure correct formatting, please check before copying that lines end with <Enter> (not a Word command such as <shift-enter>, which 
          Submittable does not understand) and that stanza breaks are an additional <Enter> (not a definition in Word of extra space above or below
          the pararaph).

  • Poems should be previously unpublished. However poems that have been included in the monthly Voices Israel Poetry Page attached to
          the newsletter or were written at Voices workshops and appeared in the resulting chapbook of the workshop are not considered "published"
          for the purposes of the Anthology and will be considered.

  • Translations of living poets' poems are acceptable as long as the translations have not been previously published. If you, the translator, did
          not author the original poem, you must have the poet's permission to enter your translation. In that case your bio should make it clear
         that you are the translator and who the poet is.
     The bio should be mainly about you since you are the author of the translation.

  • Fancy or unconventional formatting is not encouraged.

  • Judging is anonymous and the poems will be forwarded to the editorial board without names.

  • No revisions of poems will be accepted after submission!

Here's a PDF flyer with this information, that you can save for viewing locally, and send to anyone potentially interested.

To submit one or more poems, click the Submit button below. As said, it will cease to function as of March 15, 2023..