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Voices Israel publishes a monthly newsletter, produced by our Secretary, containing items of interest to members - where to submit poetry, members' publications, as well as poetry readings, workshops, and other items of poetic interest. Organizations and members with poetry news of interest -please send to our secretary at:

The Monthly Group Poetry Selections, included in the Newsletter, showcases poems of Voices members from Israel and abroad. These include monthly selections from the meetings in each town and region, as well as members' submissions sent directly to the editor. Independent submissions are encouraged and printed as space provides. Please note that from July 2020, the version of the Newsletter on this website no longer includes the poems section. The Newsletter circulated by email to members will continue to include it as before. 

We have made this change because, while the inclusion of a poem in a newsletter circulated only to a closed list of members is not considered publication and does not preclude the poet from submitting it for publication elsewhere, most literary magazines do count as "published" the poems included on a website. Whether this applies also to poems in the "back pages" of a PDF newsletter, not findable by searching the website, is a very grey area; and Voices Israel has decided, for the good of its members, that it is better to be safe than sorry.

Samples of the Voices Israel monthly newsletter will be emailed upon request: please contact  our Secretary To view copies from the current calendar year, please click the links below. To view newsletters from previous years (2018 through 2019) please see the Newsletter Archive page.

Please note: Poems published on this Voices Israel website and files linked to it, including in our newsletters, competition announcements, and workshop chapbooks, are sole copyright of the poets themselves. Voices Israel expressly does not give permission for reproduction or syndication elsewhere without the poets' written permission.

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