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Monthly Newsletter & "Monthly Poet's Voice"

Voices publishes a monthly newsletter containing items of interest to members - where to submit poetry, members? publications, as well as poetry readings, workshops, and other items of poetic interest. The Newsletter is published by the Voices' secretary, Linda Suchy. Organizations and members with poetry news of interest -please send to Linda at: secretary.voices@gmail.com

The Monthly Poet's Voice, published together with the Newsletter is now in its 21st. year. It showcases poems of Voices members from Israel and abroad. These include monthly selections from the regional meetings in Haifa, Tel-Aviv and Jerusalem, as well as members' submissions sent directly to the editor. Independent submissions are encouraged and printed as space provides. Samples of the Monthly newsletter will be emailed upon request from the editor

To get your free copy of the Voices Newsletter & Poet's Voice, please contact:
Linda Suchy
Secretary, Voices Israel
e-mail: secretary.voices@gmail.com

To view copies of the Voices Newsletter & Poet's Voice, please click the links below 

Note: Poems published on this Voices Israel website are sole copyright of the poets themselves. Voices Israel expressly does not give permission for reproduction or syndication elsewhere without the poets' written permission.