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Voices Israel - Member Directory

This directory includes all of our members except those who specifically said they did not wish to be included in it. Many of our members sent in detailed information for inclusion. For those who did not, the Directory includes only their name and the area they live in, and the Voices poetry group they attend if they reported it.  Our overseas members are also included.

The Directory is arranged by region, first Israeli regions (geographically from north to south), then other countries: the aim is to make it easy for people in a particular region to see who else is in their area. 

Please all our members - check the information included about you! 

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Voices Israel Member Directory (arranged by region)

Upper and Western Galilee Regions

 Contact Information
Bar-Lev, Helen

Helen Bar-Lev was born in New York in 1942. She holds a B.A. in Anthropology, has lived in Israel for 48 years and has had nearly 100 exhibitions of her landscape paintings, 34 of which were one-woman shows. Her poems and artwork have appeared in numerous online and print anthologies, and she has published six poetry collections, all illustrated by herself. She is the Amy Kitchener senior poet laureate and was nominated for the Pushcart Prize in 2013. She is the recipient of the Homer European Medal for Poetry and Art. Formerly Assistant President of Voices Israel, Chief Editor of Voices Annual Anthology, and Secretary, she now holds the title of Overseas Connections Coordinator. She lives in Metulla, Israel.

 Ben-Joseph, Eli
Can be contacted via a Facebook message to: Eli Ben-Joseph
  Eli Ben-Joseph  is a poet, woodcut artist, and retired academic. He was born in Brooklyn in 1943. He studied classics and history at Brooklyn College. In 1974 he came to Israel, where he met his wife, Marcelle. They raised their two children on Kibbutz Rosh Hanikra. He earned an MA in English and a doctorate in history at Haifa University. He headed the English Department at Western Galilee College and also taught there in the Department of Historic Conservation. His poetry has appeared in the Voices Israel anthology, Cyclamen & Swords, the Deronda Review, the anthology Thinking Translation (2008) and The Monterey Poetry Review. Recently retired, his wife and he live in Nahariya.
Eli attends the Western Galilee Voices group and has given workshops.
Ben-Sasson, Deborah
Deborah lives in Acre.
 Botzer, Miriam
  Miriam lives in Tzfat.
Goldfarb, Reuven and Yehudit   
Phone:  04-697-4105
  Writer, teacher, and rabbinic deputy, Reuven Goldfarb has published poetry, stories, essays, articles, reviews, and Divrei Torah in scores of periodicals and anthologies and won several awards.  He co-founded and edited AGADA, the illustrated Jewish literary magazine, taught Freshman English at Oakland’s Merritt College, and "Poetry Immersion" and "Short Story Intensive" as a free-lancer. He now serves as copy editor for books and manuscripts and coordinates monthly meetings for the Upper Galilee chapter of Voices Israel. Residents of Tzfat since 2001, he and his wife Yehudit co-founded Bayt Maor HaLev Center for Movement, Healing, and Language Arts. They host classes, workshops, and a weekly study of Jewish texts in their home. 
Har-Even, Patricia
Patricia Har-Even was born and educated in London. She emigrated to Israel from "vaguely alienating Surrey" in 1968 and spent five months learning Hebrew, then excited and delighted, settled in Carmiel in the Galilee. Now she works for nothing cataloguing the 40,000 volume English library in Safed (Tzfat), a magical city in the sky. How many people get to do what they want to do?
Patricia attends the Upper Galilee Voices group.
 Kent, Shoshana
 Shoshana lives in Nahariya and attends the Upper Galilee Voices group.
Mann, Ro'i Bernard
  Ro'i lives in Metulla and attends the Upper Galilee Voices group.
 Rotem, Pesach
  Pesach Rotem was born and raised in New York and now lives in the village of Yodfat in northern Israel. He received his B.A. from Princeton University and his J.D. from St. John's University. He is a member of the Voices Israel Group of Poets in English and of the Israel Association of Writers in English. His poems have been published in more than a dozen literary journals including Chiron Review, Natural Bridge, Poets Reading the News, Arc, and Voices Israel anthologies. 
Pesach attends the Upper Galilee Voices group.
  Treat, Francine
  Francine lives in Nahariya.

Lower Galilee Region

 Contact Information
Aigen, Liza
  Liza lives in Moshav Hazor'im.
 Davis, Miriam
  Born in New Haven, Connecticut, Miriam Davis moved with her parents and siblings at age 10 to the Detroit metropolitan area in Michigan. She earned a BA at Drew University. After a Junior Year Abroad at Hebrew University in Jerusalem during her college years, she converted to Judaism. She made Aliyah in 1981 with her husband and children and lives and works in Nazareth Illit. She has 4 children and 18 grandchildren living in Israel. She writes poetry and non-fiction and has been published recently in Arc-23, Arc-25, Cyclamens and Swords, A VAST SKY, An Anthology of Contemporary World Haiku, and a previous Voices Anthology
Miriam attends the Haifa Voices group.
Kinsbursky, Michelle
Michelle is an English Educator at Ohalo College, Katzrin, and a Doctoral student at the University of Haifa in the Faculty of Education, where her subject is "Narrative Research: Using Literature and Students Reflective Writing for Cross Cultural understanding." She lives in Mitspeh Hoshaya.
 Yehuda, Dina
She is the Chief Editor of the annual Voices Israel Anthology. She lives in Mitspeh Netofa.

Haifa Region

Those members who live in Haifa all attend the Haifa group; for those who live elsewhere in the region, the group they attend is noted if they have reported it.

 Contact Information
Aharoni, Ada

Prof. Ada Aharoni is a poet, writer and sociologist in the field of CR - Conflict Resolution. She is known in Israel and abroad as "The Poet of Love and Peace." She has published 34 books to date that have been translated into many languages and have received many prizes and awards. Her two latest Poetry books are: “Rare Flower” (Dignity Press, USA) and “Horizen of Hope” (Gvanim, Tel Aviv).

Ada Aharoni is the Founding President of “IFLAC: International Forum for Literature and Culture of Peace.” Four albums of her poems and songs have been released.
Blumfield, Itamar
  Itamar lives in Atlit and attends the Haifa group.
Blumfield, Wendy Don
 Mother of four, grandma of eleven, Wendy was born in the UK and lives in Haifa. She worked for London Publisher, then as a freelance journalist and editor; studied psychology and trained to be a childbirth educator and lactation consultant. She has published a poetry collection: The Soldier's Mother. Her nonfiction book Life After Birth - Everywoman's Experience of the First Year of Motherhood was published in English, Spanish and now Russian. She is a past president of Voices Israel.
Dan, Iris
Gavrieli, Edit
Koren, Judy

Judy Koren immigrated to Israel from England in 1970 with a B.A. in English. After a Master’s in Information Science she spent 20 years at the Technion and over 20 years as a freelance information analyst before retiring in 2017. She has always written occasional verse for her own amusement but now devotes her energies to poetry more seriously – along with her involvement in the Haifa English Theatre, birding, hiking, and her activities as Nana of four boys. She also still occasionally exercises her research skills. And she is currently the Voices webmistress.

Judy has had poems published in the 2018 Voices Anthology and the Deronda Review

Krakovich, Anna
 Rosenberg, Susan
Susan Rosenberg was born in Atlantic City, New Jersey in 1924. She grew up in Philadelphia, was married to Dick Rosenberg for 64 years, is the mother of five children (one deceased), and the grandmother of 16 grandchildren (one deceased). She has 41 great grandchildren (three more on the way at the time of writing, early 2019), and one great-great grandchild. 

Susan has published five volumes of poetry: A Pledge to Forever, After All This Time, The Place from Afar – an Autobiography in Poetry, After Ninety, and Chugging Along. A sixth is in preparation for what she hopes will be her 95th birthday in November 2019. Her poems have also appeared in several poetry journals and Anthologies. 

Webber, Miriam (pen name: Rumi Morkin)
 Miriam Webber was born in London in 1934, and has lived on Moshav Habonim, Israel, since 1953. Miriam writes poems and short stories in addition to translating the journals of EMDA, the Alzheimer's Association of Israel, since 1999, and does occasional English language editing. She set up and runs the archive of Moshav Habonim where she lives. Varied handcrafts have always been her hobby. Sources of joy: 3 children, 8 grandchildren, 11 great grandchildren, and chamber music.
Miriam attends the Haifa Voices group.
Yalin, Naomi
Born in the UK, Naomi has lived in Israel since 1971, working in social work, first in a development town and then for 20 years in the prison service. She is now retired but working full time as a translator for Israeli academics wishing to publish their work abroad.
 Mendelsohn, Julie
 Julie lives in Zichron Ya'akov.

Netanya and Sharon Region

 Contact Information
  Bell, Susan
  Susan lives in Kfar Vitkin.
 Carol, Luiza

Luiza writes for children and for grown ups: poems, short stories, short plays, essays and songs. She has written in Romanian since 1969, since 1981 also in English, and since 2006 she has written mostly in Esperanto. She has received many prizes for different literature genres in three languages.

A member of the Haifa group from 1980 to 2018, Luiza then moved to Netanya and now attends the Netanya/Sharon Voices group.

Feigelman, Miriam Michaeli 
Miriam was born in New York and has lived in Netanya with her husband since making Aliyah in 2015. For many years, she lived in Chicago, where she earned an MBA from the Kellogg School of Management. Previously, she has worked as a free-lance journalist, technical writer, business analyst and process engineer. Since making Aliyah, she has pursued numerous interests including writing poetry, tutoring English, and studying Jewish/Israeli history. Her membership in Voices Israel, Netanya/Sharon chapter has inspired her poetry. Gratefully, one set of children and grandchildren do reside in Israel, and the rest in the US.
Fellerman, David
 David lives in Netanya.
Fineberg, Judith
 Judith lives in Netanya.
Livingstone, Mali Joy
 Mali lives in Moshav Sde Warburg.
Olsburgh, Susan
Susan has lived in Israel since 2011. She taught literature and British culture in schools and universities in the north-east of England. As of early 2019, Susan is in her fifth year as President of Voices Israel and coordinates the Netanya/Sharon Voices group. She also voluntarily facilitates a poetry appreciation group started in 2011, Poetry Please, of AACI Netanya. Susan has served on the editorial team for the Voices Israel anthology. She has had poetry published on PoetrySuperHighway, in Cyclamen and Swords and in Voices anthologies, and in newsletters. Susan lives in Netanya.
Serlin, Joyce
 Joyce lives in Netanya and attends the Netanya/Sharon Voices group.
 Simon, Johnmichael
Johnmichael Simon was born in Northampton, England and grew up in South Africa. A member of Habonim youth movement since childhood, he has lived in Israel since 1963. He has published nine books of poems and several collaborations with other poets. His poetry and short stories have been awarded numerous prizes and honorable mentions and he is published widely in print and website collections. Until late 2018 he was the webmaster of Voices Israel. Johnmichael lives in Kfar Saba and attends the Netanya/Sharon Voices group.
Suchy, Linda
Mobile:  054-497-8812 
Linda Suchy was born in Winterset, Iowa (the setting for the book and movie “The Bridges of Madison County.”) She has lived in a several different States in the U.S. and now makes her home in Netanya, Israel, with her husband, Michael. She has five children who she adores! She loves to read, write poetry, and work on the genealogy of her family. Linda attends the Netanya/Sharon Voices group.

Tel Aviv and Central Region

 Contact Information
Barbieru, Jenny
Jenny lives in Tel Aviv.
 Bechar, Donna
Donna, originally from New York, and her husband have been in Israel since 1990. Many of her poems have been published in the Voices Anthology, as well as appearing on the newsletter poetry page, throughout the years. She has also been published in Determinations II, Ibbetson Press, Main Street Rag, Poesy, Voices From Israel, and others abroad. Her poems were awarded second prize in the 2003 and 2018 Reuben Rose Poetry Competition, and have also received honorable mentions. Besides poetry, Donna loves to create artisan jewelry, crochet, dance and travel. 
Donna lives in Tel Aviv; she attends the Netanya/Sharon Voices group.
 Cohen, Isaac
Isaac lives in Tel Aviv.
 Fox, Thilde
Thilde lives in Tel Aviv.
 Goldberg, Marlene
Marlene lives in Petach Tikva. She attends the Sharon/Netanya  Voices group.
Hirschson, Phella
Phella lives in Tel Aviv and attends the Tel Aviv Voices group.
Anthony (Tony) and Denise Joseph
Kiernan, Joshua
Joshua lives in Tel Aviv.
Levinson, Mark L.

Mark L. Levinson, while turning out technical and promotional writing for Israeli software companies, used the latest technology — electric typewriters, daisywheel printers, and eventually laser output — to prepare many early issues of Voices Israel, often with his employer's permission. Newspapers have published his book reviews, humor, and political commentary. He translates from Hebrew to English and posts a blog named "Translatable but Debatable." A previous blog, for technical writers, was "The Why of Style." He has edited and co-edited  issues of arc for the Israel Association of Writers in English. Mark coordinates the Tel Aviv group. He lives in Herzliya.

Merlin Atias, Celia
May be contacted via her Facebook page: Celia Merlin Atias
Born in Lexington, Ky., raised in Buffalo, N.Y. Celia Merlin studied French and English Lit. at SUNY Buffalo followed by an MA in TEFL at Tel Aviv University. She has won numerous honors including four Reuben Rose Memorial International Poetry Competitions, Miriam Lindberg Competition for Peace, and The 2012 Cyclamens and Swords Poetry Competition. Celia has led workshops and given readings at Tel Aviv University and other venues. Her work has appeared in various anthologies. She has made Israel home since 1979, writing, teaching and raising a family.  Celia lives in Ramat Gan and attends the Tel Aviv Voices group.
Nordell, Susan
Susan lives in Ramat Gan.
Priborkin, Klarina
Klarina lives in Kiryat Ono.
Runds, Roy
Roy lives in Tel Aviv.
 Sarid, Helen
 Helen lives in Tel Aviv
 Shabat, Katy (Kaila)
 Kaila lives in Ganei Tikva. She attends the Sharon/Netanya Voices group.
 Talmon, Birgit
 Birgit lives in Tel Aviv
 Friesem Rapoport, Ricki
Ricki has published several books of poetry and won many prizes for her work. She lives in Rehovot and divides her attendance between the Tel Aviv and Ashkelon groups.

Bet Shemesh/Modi'in Area

 Contact Information
Belsky, Dr. Judy
Judy lives in Beit Shemesh.
Block, Janice
  Janice lives in Beit Shemesh.
Director, Ira
 Ira lives on Kibbutz Gezer west of Modi'in, and attends the Jerusalem Voices group.
Dran, Ruth
  Ruth lives in Modi'in.
Kasher Breindel, Liba
  Liba lives in Moshav Mevo-Modi'in.
Lefkowitz, Larry
  Larry lives in Modi'in.
Yelenik, Joanne Jackson
 Joanne lives in Beit Shemesh.

Jerusalem and Gush Etzion Area 

 Contact Information
Aber Barad, Mindy
Mindy's poetry and short stories appear in such print publications as Poetica, Wild Plum and Current Accounts, as well as on-line. She is also an infrequent contributor to the Jewish press. She is co-editor for Israel of the Deronda Review.   Mindy lives in Efrat in  Gush Etzion and coordinates the Gush Etzion Voices group.
Abramson, Hayim
Publications: On Sources of Artistic Inspiration; Haiku Thoughts; Notes on the Holocaust; Torah, the Land and the Jewish People; The Individual Within the Community; Emunah; Outlook on Life.

Haim works in English, Hebrew and Spanish and teaches Spanish or Jewish subjects through Skype. He lives in Beit El and attends the Jerusalem Voices group.

Azriel, Yakov
Yakov Azriel was born in New York City, and came to live in Israel at the age of 21. His doctorate is in Hasidic literature, and he works as a college lecturer. He has published five books of poetry in the USA, and over 500 of his poems have been published in journals and magazines. His poems have won twenty-four different awards in international poetry competitions. He attends the Gush Etzion Voices group. 
Bernstein, Peter
Peter lives in Kibbutz Ramat Rachel.
Cameron, Esther
Esther is Editor of the Deronda Review. She lives in Ma'aleh Adumim.
Condiotte, Angel Simcha
Angel lives in Jerusalem.
Dickstein, Wendy
Wendy lives in Jerusalem.
Findysz, Robert (Bob)
Robert (Bob) Findysz was born in Chicago but moved to the suburbs before first grade. After finishing graduate work at the University of Chicago in the late 60's, he avoided one war zone (Vietnam) by choosing another (the Mideast), married, settled in Jerusalem, started a family and was drafted, relocating to Kibbutz Palmach-Tzova sometime later. Bob spent forty-some years teaching English as a Foreign Language to Israeli high school and university students. After a lifetime of helping others to write, he retired and is now writing for himself. He published for the first time in the January 2017 issue of The MOON. Since then his poems have appeared occasionally in other literary journals, electronic and hard copy. 
  Fogelman, Ruth

Ruth Fogelman was born in England and has lived, with her family, in Jerusalem’s Old City for most of her life. Her first book, Within the Walls of Jerusalem (belle lettres), appeared in 2000. She has since published four books of poetry.  Her poems, articles, short stories and photography have appeared in anthologies and various publications in Israel, U.K., USA and India. Some of her poems have been translated into Hebrew and published in the Hebrew language journal, Atar.  She has won First Prize and an Honorable Mention in the 2006 Reuben Rose Poetry Competition, and an Honorable Mention in the Lindberg Peace Foundation Poetry Contest 2010.

 Ruth holds a Masters Degree from the Creative Writing Program of Bar Ilan University, leads the Pri Hadash Women’s Writing Workshop in Jerusalem and co-ordinated the Jerusalem branch of Voices Israel for ten years. 

Foner, Judy
Judy lives in Jerusalem and attends the Jerusalem Voices group.
Goldberg, Rifkah
Rivkah lives in Jerusalem.
Hammer, Kossoy Yoni
Kossoy Yoni lives in Jerusalem
Haskale, Hadassa
Hadassa lives in Jerusalem
Kelter, Malka
Malka lives in Jerusalem.
Levene, Lawrence
Lawrence lives in Jerusalem.
Lixenberg-Bloch, Esther
Esther lives in El'azar near Efrat, in the Gush Etzion area.
Lown-Klein, Linda
Linda lives in Jerusalem.
Meallem, Avril
Avril Meallem, a retired pediatric and adult brain injury physiotherapist and a complimentary therapist originally from London, UK, now lives with her husband in Jerusalem. Avril’s poems have appeared in several Israeli and international on-line and printed anthologies and she has received several Honorary Mentions in various competitions. Her published poetry collections are Dancing with the Wind, Come Sit with Me by the River and two collections of Tapestry Poetry, the latter being an innovative form of collaborative poetry writing that she developed and co-authored with Indian poetess Shernaz Wadia.  Each poet composes a nine line poem on a title chosen by one of them. The poems are then exchanged and the variegated threads of the two distinctly individual poems are woven together into one seamless, flowing eighteen line poem that can stand by itself.
Avril acted as secretary to “Voices Israel” for 5 years and retired from this role in 2018. She has now taken on the role of coordinator of the Jerusalem regional group.
 Millmann, Chanita
Chanita lives in Jerusalem and attends the Jerusalem group. She is the long-time Treasurer of Voices Israel.
 Moshe, Channah
054 2385 172
Channah is an international citizen, having lived in La-Tour-de-Peilz, (the French-speaking part of) Switzerland, London, U.K., and Washington DC/Maryland, U.S. She currently resides in Jerusalem, Israel – her birthplace.

Channah taught French, English and Hebrew at Berlitz and privately: was an editor for the NIH and EPA (USA), and is currently an editor at the Bank of Israel.

Her poems have been published in American, British, Indian, Israeli and Italian publications/websites.

Navon, Rena
Rena lives in Jerusalem.
Ramsay, Betsy
Betsy lives in Jerusalem.
Rosenberg, Betsy
Translator, editor, poet, writer. She lives in Jerusalem and attends the Jerusalem group.
Sager, Ruth
Ruth lives in Jerusalem.
Shaltiel, Eva
Eva lives in Jerusalem.
Shavei-Tzion, Richard
Richard is the author of “Poetry in the Parasha” an anthology of poems on the weekly Torah portions. His poetry and articles of Jewish and human interest have appeared in many anthologies and news publications around the world. He is the author of the “Prayer for the Preservation of the Environment” read in synagogues and other settings internationally. Richard is the director of the Ramatayim Men’s Choir, which appears regularly in Israel and conducts concert tours across Europe. As a “Ba’al Tefilla,” he has conducted High Holiday Services overseas for decades. He is often invited to lecture on music subjects, act as MC at public events and lead communal singing evenings. His photography has been displayed in solo exhibitions. An accountant by profession, Richard directs a property and medical management company. He resides in Jerusalem with his very patient wife Cheryl and attends the Jerusalem Voices group.
Sher, Steven (Yashar, Shlomo)
Steven/Shlomo lives in Jerusalem.
 Smith, Hannah
Hannah lives in Jerusalem.
Somerville, Susan (Shoshannah)

Susan wrote 3 poems in 1964 and laughed.  Then she wrote, seriously, in journals for 40 years (with an occasional piece of poetry), tore up the journals, made aliyah and started a true poetic path. She joined Voices but has become a "dropout" from the group - for various reasons. However, she is yearning to return and learn and to share, again. She lives in Jerusalem and attends the Jerusalem Voices group.

Stern, Ruth
Tel  02-5634739
Mobile  052-445-1496

Ruth Stern was born in South Africa where she studied biochemistry and dietetics. In 1948 she immigrated to Israel and joined the Mahal volunteers, serving as a nurse in the Medical Corps. She married one of her patients, had two sons, and taught English.She graduated from the Hebrew University with a B.A. in Education and English Literature, and later an M.A. (cum laude) in English Literature. She has been a teacher, counselor, and headed the English department at the Hebrew University High School. She also volunteered at the Israel Museum and worked for over thirty years at the Gabriel Sherover Information Centre for Israeli Art.

Ruth became a member of Voices Israel – Jerualem group, in 1979. Her poetry has been published in Voices anthologies and in Seven Gates, in Poetica, Matrix and other journals, and also in various anthologies from New Zealand to England to America. Her poem “Loss” was shortlisted for the top 100 poems on the 2000 Forward Press International Competition 2000. She has published one book of poetry: Clip My Lips. Today Ruth heads a poetry translation group in Jerusalem.
Stone, Michael E.
Michael lives in Jerusalem and attends the Jerusalem Voices group.
 Zeisel, Erika
Erika lives in Shoresh.
Zemel, Yocheved Miriam
WhatsApp:  972-527504624
 Yocheved Miriam Zemel writes prose and poetry. Her reviews have been featured in Martyrdom and Resistance and The Hidden Child. She wrote a biweekly column for the Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach Jewish journals. She was an adjunct professor at FIU, director of the Southeast America-Israel Chamber of Commerce, and Associate director of ARMDI. She has been a real estate broker in Florida and Israel.

Yocheved Miriam and her husband made aliyah from Boca Raton, Florida. Their children are living in Israel and in the States. Her poetry has appeared in Voices Poetry publications , in the Deronda Review and in arc 26. Yecheved Miriam lives in Jerusalem and attends the Jerusalem Voices group.

 Wiesner, Batsheva
 Batsheva lives in Jerusalem.

Southern Region (Ashkelon and all places south of it)

 Contact Information
Bat-Or, Shulamit
Shulamit lives in Meitar, north-east of Beersheva.
 Bezalel, Chaim and Yonnah
Bezalel and Yonnah divide their time between Israel and WA, USA. When in Israel they live in Ashkelon where Chaim coordinates the Ashkelon Voices group.
Ezrielov, Frieda
Frieda lives in Beersheva and attends the Beersheva Voices group.
Galanis, Jennifer
Jennifer Galanis began writing poetry while living in Israel as a method of storytelling for friends and family back home in Fort Worth, TX, USA. Since then, she continues to share stories using an intimate perspective, and prefers topics that are emotionally difficult and sometimes taboo. In Israel, Jennifer attends the Southern/Beersheva group
Green, Miriam
Miriam is the coordinator of the Southern/Beersheva group.
Katzenell, Ethelea
Ethelea is retired and does Hebrew/English translating and English editing from her home in Be'er-Sheva. She thanks God that she is the mother of 4 successful adult children and grandmother of 5, thus far. She sings in/performs with Cantacapella Classical Choir. She is an avid local-patriot and 'green' activist, who came to Beer-Sheva from Philadelphia, Pa. in 1972 and has worked in the Ben-Gurion  University of the Negev's Central Aranne Library for 45 years on its beautiful eco-friendly campus.She says she has never yet had a dull day here. Ethelea attends the Southern/Beersheva Voices group.
Mosley, Akilah
Akilah lives in Ashkelon and attends the Ashkelon Voices group.
  Rothenberg, Moshe
A seeker of truth. Old in age; new to Israel; new to poetry.
Schotz, Amiel
Amiel Schotz was born in Scotland, came to Israel for a one-year visit in 1965 - and is still here! Former Voices Israel editor-in-chief and judge of the Reuben Rose competition, he glories in being the active Saba of preschoolers Mia and Ella. Amiel writes, translates, performs at folk events, and looks forward to each new day. At 83 (as of early 2019), he says "I am profoundly grateful to still be able to write. Attending the Southern group meetings and benefitting from the wonderful feedback has improved my work immensely." 
Wiesner, Batsheva
Weinstein Haggai, Judih
Judih has been writing poetry since the age of 14 and over the years has come to rely on it to discover what's going on inside. Her daily haiku are her meditations on the present moment. They serve as therapy; living on kibbutz Nir-Oz, neighboring Gaza, she is truly grateful.

Overseas Members

United States

 Contact Information
Anish, Matthew

Matthew Anish is a widely published writer/poet who resides on the fabled Lower East Side of Manhattan. He has had work in Jews in Space, Beyond Bree, Aim and many other venues including plenty of poems on He also writes a monthly column for Barrs Postcard News and has done so for the past 20 years. He often attends open mikes in Brooklyn and Manhattan. He has published a number of chapbooks - the most recent being Golden Words. Matthew also works teaching ESL at Borough of Manhattan Community College and has done so for the past 20 years.

Barkan, Stanley H.
 Stanley H. Barkan, editor of Cross-Cultural Communications, now coordinator of the Yale Club Poets Series in NYC,  in 2017 was awarded the Homer Medal of European Literature and Art. His most recent books are As Still as a Broom, translated into Spanish by Isaac Goldemberg; and More Mishpocheh, with illustrative photos and art by the author’s wife, Bebe Barkan. As of early 2019 he also has a forthcoming poetic work in six parts:  The Sacrifice: A Midrash of Origins. Stanley lives in Merrick, NY.
Bezalel, Chaim and Yonnah
Chaim and Yonnah divide their time between Israel, where Chaim coordinates the Ashkelon group, and Stanwood, WA.
 Bloom, Irene
Irene lives in Bellevue, WA.
 Goldberg, Linda
Linda Goldberg is the author of Here I Am, a book of short stories about growing up in Jewish Boston, and Silent Joy, a novel about a girl growing up in the 1950’s and 60’s caught in a love triangle between two young men and suffering under a troubled relationship with her mother. She has published poetry in Voices Israel and essays in Binah,, etc. She lives in Natick, MA.
Harman Meshorer, Rayna
Rayna lives in Palmdale, CA.
Holt, Patricia
Patricia ives in Big Sur, CA.
Kleefeld, Carolyn Mary
Carolyn ives in Big Sur, CA.
McCrady, Anne
Anne lives in Tyler, TX.
McFadden, Tom
 Tom lives in Austin, TX.
Ray, Diane

Diane Ray is a native New Yorker and Seattle psychologist, poet, and essayist at work on a first novel. She is a frequent contributor to Voices Israel and won Honorable Mention in the Reuben Rose Poetry Competition 2017. Her work has also appeared in many literary magazines including the Women’s Studies Quarterly, the Jewish Literary Journal and the IFLAC Peace Anthology.

Robinson, Judith R.
Judith lives in Pittsburgh, PA..
Schneberg, Willa
Willa Schneberg is a poet, ceramic sculptor, curator and psychotherapist in private practice. She has authored five poetry collections including: Box Poems; In The Margins of The World (recipient of the Oregon Book Award), Storytelling in Cambodia, and Rending the Garment. Willa has been a fellow at Yaddo and MacDowell. Poems have appeared in numerous anthologies and journals, including: American Poetry Review; Salmagundi; Poet Lore and Bellevue Literary Review. In 2018, she was poet-in-residence in Kathmandu, Nepal. She lives in Portland, OR.
Schnur-Berlot, Esther
Esther was raised in NYC and worked behind the scenes in TV Commercials. Moving on to California she designed wearable art. Now living in Arizona she devotes her time to writing poetry. Esther’s poetry has appeared in California Poetry Quarterly, Desert Voices, Sonoma Collective, The Blue Guitar Magazine and Poetica.
 Silverman, David
 David lives in Skokie, IL.
 Tana, Patti

Patti Tana is Professor Emerita of English at Nassau Community College (SUNY) and the Walt Whitman Birthplace 2009 Poet of the Year. She is editor of the poetry anthology Songs of Seasoned Women, associate editor of the Long Island Quarterly, and the author of nine books of poems, most recently All I Can Gather & Give. Two of her poems won honorable mention in the Reuben Rose Poetry Competition: “Hemming” (2015) and “The Numbers” (2018). Patti lives on Long Island. To listen to Patti read her poems, please visit her poetry website.
Patti's website:
 Toth, Steve
  Steve lives in Crescent City, CA.


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Hill, Ruth
  Ruth lives in Chetwynd, BC.
Jaffe, Ellen S.
  Ellen lives in Hamilton, ON.
Mulcahy, Don

Don Mulcahy, born in Clydach, Wales in 1931, and a Canadian citizen since 1969, lives with his wife Iris in Strathroy, Ontario, where he writes poetry, prose, essays, book reviews, and newspaper articles, and compiles anthologies, following an academic career in dentistry. His written work has appeared in 5 countries - in dental journals, newspapers, literary magazines, anthologies, and on the net. Guernica Editions, Toronto, published his two migration anthologies - Coming Here, Being Here, and A Second Coming, in September 2016, and he has since published three books of political critique, two short story collections, and a poetry collection He is a book reviewer for Ninnau, the Welsh-American quarterly. He has two daughters and three exceptional grandchildren.

Pradhmelina, Sabina
Sabina lives in Medicine Hat, AL.

United Kingdom

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Duke, Michael J.
  Michael lives in London.
  Wolfson, Rosemary
  Rosemary lives in Kenton, Harrow, Middlesex.


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Adès, David
David lives in Beecroft, NSW.
Cohen, Lilian
 Lilian lives in Balwyn, Victoria.
Lopata, Rena
Rena lives in Kew, Victoria.
Suttner, Immanuel
Immanuel lives in Mattraville, NSW.

Other Countries

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Kollberg, Britta R.
 Britta R. Kollberg, born in Berlin, is a 2015 alumna of the Shaindy Rudoff Graduate Program in Creative Writing at Bar Ilan University, Israel. She has worked as a graduate mathematician in East Germany, and in education and human rights advocacy since the fall of the Berlin wall. Britta's poetry and Creative Nonfiction appeared in the Syndic Literary Journal, The Times of Israel, the Mom Egg Review, Pink Pangea, and other publicationss; she also writes and translates for a number of German and transnational media. She lives in Berlin, Germany.
  Mwangi, Robert
 Robert lives in Nairobi, Kenya.