The Voices Israel Group of Poets

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Joining Voices Israel or renewing membership

Joining Voices Israel, or renewing your annual membership, is a simple matter of filling in our membership application form and sending it, with your annual membership fee, to our Treasurer. Our annual membership fee is 120 NIS for Israeli residents / $40 for overseas members; "Early Birds" rate (until March 31st of that year) 100 NIS / $35 respectively.

This entitles you to a wealth of activities:

  • Our monthly Newsletters with news of ongoing activities plus a selection of members' poems.
  • A copy of the annual Anthology at no further charge.
  • Attendance at monthly meetings where you can read your poetry and hear that of others.
  • Participation in workshops, held several times a year, at a low reduced fee.

Contact details of our local group coordinators and our officers including our Treasurer, are on our Contacts page

Payment Details

We prefer payment by bank transfer but also accept checks. Our current treasurer is Chanita Millman. 

If paying by check, please make it out to Voices Israel and send it with your completed application form to:
Chanita Millman,
15, Shachar St.,
Beit Hakerem,
9626323 Jerusalem,

If paying by bank transfer: our bank account information is: 

Bank Discount - bank No.11, Branch 159.

Account Number: 6624199 in the name of Kolot Israel (our name in Hebrew: Kolot means Voices).

In this case please send in the application form by email to Chanita (  and let her know that payment has been made by bank transfer, so that she can check it has actually arrived and match it up with your application.

We look forward to seeing you at our monthly meetings, workshops and other activities!