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Haifa Workshop, November 24th, 2022

Half a year after the much-enjoyed Netanya Residential Workshop in May, we gathered again for the final face-to-face workshop of the year, in Haifa at the home of our workshop coordinator, Elana Dorfman. Once again the workshop was fully, even over-subscribed, with a peak of 29 registrants; once again cancellations, including several last-minute ones due to illness, brought us down to nineteen, including the two presenters and Elana. However that's an excellent number for an enjoyable workshop with time for everyone to be heard!

Elana provided us with a warm-up exercise, which was followed by two longer-than-usual presentations,  each of course with a writing exercise and time for participants to read the poems written during the exercise period:

  • "Fearful Symmetry: Poetic Expressions of the Coexistence of Opposites in the Mind," presented by Iris Dan, of the Haifa group. Iris led us on
           an examination of  examples of this “Fearful Symmetry” in the Biblical text and in later religious thought, in the poetry of William Blake, Pablo
           Neruda, the Swedish poet Tomas Tranströmer, Yehuda Amihai, and  the Romanian poet Nicolae Labiş,  as prelude to an exercise on examining
           it in our own minds.

  • "The Stuff that Dreams Are Made Of: the play within a play," presented by Wendy Blumfield, also of the Haifa group. After a brief introduction
           to Jungian dream theory, Wendy presented examples of "dream poetry" by Lord Byron, John Donne, William Blake, Lewis Carroll, Emily
           Dickinson and Shakespeare's Midsummer Night's Dream, followed by a writing exercise.

We intend, as usual, to make a chapbook of poems written during the workshop, or edited versions of them, which will be printed and available to the workshop participants and others, for a small fee to part-cover the cost of printing. Once the chapbook is ready, both Voices Israel members and the general public may order a copy directly from this website, using our PayPal Me account, by clicking on the following link:

You will be asked to log in to your PayPal account and then fill in the amount to send Voices Israel and a note saying what the payment is for. Please also send an email to whoever is distributing them  (currently, our President Judy Koren: giving your current postal address

We sorely missed our "resident photographer," Judith Fineberg, who was one of those who had to cancel; but here are a few photos taken by cellphone to give an idea of the occasion:  

General Views:

And a few individual shots of participants:

Marlene Goldberg, Susan Olsbergh, Miriam Webber                             Pesach Rotem  reading                       Miriam Botzger reading with Wendy in background