The Voices Israel Group of Poets

in English

Haifa Workshop, June 2019

On June 25, 2019, twenty-five avid poets gathered at the lovely home of our Membership Secretary, Susan Rosenberg, in Haifa, for a workshop on the general theme of poetic form.

There were three presentations, all given by Voices members, each followed by a writing exercise and time for participants to read the poems written during the exercise period:

  • Iris Dan, from the Haifa Voices group, gave a presentation entitled "The Thing in Itself and the Thing in Oneself (Poets Rush in where
          Philosophers Fear to Tread)" on the objective, subjective and symbolic visions of poet and reader in interpreting a poem.
  • Judy Koren, also from the Haifa Voices group, gave a presentation on metaphor and allusion, entitled "What is a Meta for? Does 'allusive'
          mean 'elusive'? - on the Uses and Abuses of some Figures of Speech."
  • Susan Olsburgh, from the Netanya Voices group, our President, gave a presentation on the Villanelle poetic form.

The workshop aroused great interest, with a waiting list in addition to the 25 attendees.  It attracted several non-members, including two from the Haifa English Theatre, and two who decided to join just before or at the workshop.

  The participants were invited to submit poems written during the workshop, or edited versions of them, for publication in the workshop chapbook, which as usual was designed by our own Johnmichael Simon.

A few photos of the event:

A general view of the workshop participants.


Workshop participants busy with an exercise.

Lunchtime on the balcony.

Presenter and Voices President Susan Olsburgh

Presenters Judy Koren and Iris Dan.

Membership Secretary and workshop hostess Susan Rosenberg, with Johnmichael Simon, look at some of the chapbooks from previous workshops.

Our publicity officer and Haifa group coordinator, Wendy Blumfield, with Judith Fineberg our photographer for the event.

Workshop participant Hayyim Abramson, busy with an exercise.