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Buying our Voices Israel Annual Anthology

For information on submitting your poems to the Anthology, see our Submitting to the Anthology page.

For general information about the Anthology, see our Voices Israel Anthology page.

  • One copy of the Anthology is included in your annual membership
  • Extra copies for members of Voices Israel are NIS 40 (price outside Israel: US$20) each,
          shipping inclusive.
  • Contributors who are non-members, and the general public, may order copies for NIS 50 
         (price outside Israel: US$ 25) each, shipping inclusive.

We prefer payment by bank transfer but also accept checks.  For how to pay by these methods, see the end of this page.

You may also order and pay for the Anthology via PayPal.  This is especially useful for people outside Israel - unlike a foreign bank transfer it costs you nothing; unlike sending a check, it's done immediately online. To pay by this method, scroll down and use the PayPal buttons directly from this page.

As of December 1, 2022: The 2022 Anthology is nearly sold out - only 3 copies left!  If you want one, order via PayPal (so that we can easily refund you if you're too late!) using the appropriate button below.

Buying via PayPal

To take advantage of this option, you will need a PayPal account - if you don't have one, sign up at  It's free to sign up and they don't take a fee from you for making payments. You can choose to pay from money deposited in your PayPal account, or to have PayPal debit your credit card. 

Paypal reports that the transaction was made by the PayPal account holder. So if you order via an account in someone else's name (e.g. a relative's account), please send an email to our Treasurer, Chanita  (  and let her know the name of the owner of the PayPal account you used, so that she can match the payment up with your order. If you are not a Voices member, or if you are, but have changed your address since last reporting it to us, you must email our Treasurer giving her the address to send the Anthology to.

To buy via PayPal now, choose the relevant option and the number of copies and click the Buy Now button for that option. All prices listed include shipping.

Buy one or more extra copies of the 2022 Anthology - Voices members OUTSIDE Israel.  Choose the number of copies from the drop-down menu. 


Number of copies:

Buy the 2022 Anthology - Voices NON-members OUTSIDE Israel. Choose the number of copies from the drop-down menu. 

Number of copies:

Buy  one or more extra copies of the 2022 Anthology - Voices members in Israel. Choose the number of copies from the drop-down menu.

Number of copies:


Buy the 2022 Anthology - Voices NON-members in Israel. Choose the number of copies from the drop-down menu. 

Number of copies:

Paying by check

Please make the check out to Voices Israel and send it with a cover letter stating how many copies you are ordering, where to send them (name and address), and whether or not you are a Voices Israel member, to our Treasurer:

Chanita Millman,
15, Shachar St.,
Beit Hakerem,
9626323 Jerusalem,

Paying by bank transfer

Our bank account information is: 

Bank Discount - bank No.11, Branch 159.

Account Number: 6624199 in the name of Kolot Israel (our name in Hebrew: Kolot means Voices).

In this case please send your request by email to Chanita (  and let her know that payment has been made by bank transfer, so that she can check it has actually arrived and match it up with your request.

Thank you!