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Bar Sagi Young Poets Prize

Bar Sagi was a young Israeli poet who wrote in English. Born in Rehovot in 2001, she lived from age five to eleven with her parents in the United States and English became her preferred language.  Sadly, on her return to Israel she was diagnosed with bone cancer, and after putting up a courageous and protracted battle, finally succumbed in 2017 after over four years, before reaching her sixteenth birthday.

During these last years, Bar wrote 25 poems which reflect her many-sided character and unusually mature understanding. The publishing house Gvanim has published them in a book, illustrated with original water-colourings mostly by Ellie Makar-Limanov with others by Anna Melnikov (available from Steimatsky). In addition, the Israeli Education Ministry has selected six of them to be taught in Israeli schools: these can be freely viewed and the file downloaded here.

Bar's family decided to endow a prize in her name, to preserve her memory and to encourage other young poets.  We are delighted that they have asked Voices Israel to be their partner in this initiative, and that our society is going to help encourage the voices of the young in Israel. We hope that this prize will not only give solace but  also promote poetry among young poets. 

The Br Sagi Young Poets Prize was announced at the 2018 Reuben Rose Competition awards event on May 16, 2019. Family members attended the event and Bar's grandfather, Professor Anthony Joseph of the Weizmann Institute, talked about Bar and her poetry.

Further details will be published here in the next few weeks, as they become available.