The Voices Israel Group of Poets

in English

Voices Israel Annual Anthology

The Voices Israel Group of Poets in English publishes an annual anthology of poetry.  Submissions are accepted from Voices Israel members and non-members alike. There is no fee for submitting poems to the anthology. Paid up members of Voices Israel will receive one print copy of the anthology once it comes out, at no additional cost, shipping fees included. whether or not any of their poems have been published in it. Extra copies for members of Voices Israel are NIS 40 (US$20) each, shipping inclusive. Contributors who are non-members, and the general public, may order copies for NIS 50 (US$ 25) each, shipping inclusive. Ordering information is at the bottom of this page.


As a general rule, submissions for the Voices Israel anthology   are accepted from mid-December  of the preceding year to mid-March of the year of the anthology. 

The editorial board then reviews all submissions, makes selections and sends out notices.  The anthology is usually printed by October 1st or earlier and distributed to paid-up Voices Israel members and others who have ordered and paid for a copy. 

Anyone, anywhere, is welcome to submit a maximum of three poems to the anthology.  Poems should not exceed 40 lines, including stanza breaks but not including title. 

We only accept unpublished poems. (Poems that have appeared only in the Voices Israel newsletter poetry section or were written at Voices Israel workshops and published online or in workshop chapbooks are considered unpublished). 

Translations of living poets' poems are acceptable as long as the translations have not been previously published. The translator must have the permission of the poet if it is not the same person. 

Fancy or unconventional formatting is not encouraged.

How to Submit

Poems must be submitted using the Voices Israel Online Submission Manager, powered by Submittable. This is the only way to submit your poems. Email submissions to any of our team will not be considered.

There is no fee for submitting poems for publication in our Anthology.

Full instructions for submitting poems for the 2020 Anthology, and a button to submit your poems once the submission period starts, are on the 2020 Anthology Submissions page.  In an endeavour to speed up and simplify the process, we've changed some of the procedures, so even if you think you know the rules, you MUST read carefully the guidelines on the Submissions page!

Ordering the Anthology

We prefer payment by bank transfer but also accept checks.  

If paying by check, please make it out to Voices Israel and send it with a cover letter stating how many copies you are ordering, where to send them (name and address), and whether or not you are a Voices Israel member, to our Treasurer:
Chanita Millman,
15, Shachar St.,
Beit Hakerem,
9626323 Jerusalem,

If paying by bank transfer: our bank account information is: 

Bank Discount - bank No.11, Branch 159.

Account Number: 6624199 in the name of Kolot Israel (our name in Hebrew: Kolot means Voices).

In this case please send your request by email to Chanita (  and let her know that payment has been made by bank transfer, so that she can check it has actually arrived and match it up with your request.

Thank you!