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Voices Israel Poetry Workshops

Voices Israel organizes occasional poetry workshops, usually two to four times a year.

Workshops may be led by one or more Voices Israel members, visiting poets or academics in the field. They typically follow the format of one or more presentations followed by writing time, and each workshop is organized around one or two specific theme(s) - see the workshops on this site for examples.  Typically they are several hours long; during the Corona pandemic we are holding a series of mini-workshops via Zoom, limited to one two-hour presentation or two one-hour presentations-plus-exercise, since  two hours seems to be about the maximum time that people can comfortably interact with a computer screen.

Following most workshops, participants are invited to submit the poems they wrote at the workshop - or revised versions of them - for inclusion in a workshop chapbook. Chapbooks in pdf format of Zoom workshops are distributed by email to the participants. Chapbooks of face-to-face workshops are usually printed and available for a nominal fee of around 20  - 25 NIS plus postage.  Poets - this is an opportunity to make your work more widely known without limiting you in any way: inclusion of a poem in a workshop chapbook does not preclude publication or submission elsewhere.

NEW!! Chapbooks currently available can be ordered via PayPal: click the link below, it will ask you to log in to your PayPal account and then fill in the amount to send Voices Israel and a note saying what the payment is for. Please also send an email to whoever is distributing them (e.g. our President; the workshop coordinator).

The link:

Please note: Poems published on this Voices Israel website and files linked to it, including in our newsletters, competition announcements, and workshop chapbooks, are sole copyright of the poets themselves. Voices Israel expressly does not give permission for reproduction or syndication elsewhere without the poets' written permission.

Members who are interested in organizing a workshop, or have a theme they would like to attend a workshop on, are invited to contact either our Secretary or our President, Judy Koren.