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About Voices Israel

Voices was founded in August, 1971 by Leslie Summers, Reuben Rose, Moshe Ben-Zvi and Jacob Katwan. From this small beginning of four members, the organization has grown to a membership of about 150 poets in Israel and many other countries. Our goals are:

- to provide an outlet for writers of English poetry in Israel
- to encourage new poets in their art
- to promote international friendships through poetry

Members read their work at monthly meetings held in Tel Aviv, Haifa, Jerusalem and other towns and participate in workshops held currently three times a year.

More Information

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Voices publishes an annual anthology of poems submitted both by members and other interested poets. An editorial board headed by the Editor in Chief judges the submissions. Paid up members of Voices Israel will receive one copy of the anthology once it comes out, whether they are published or not, shipping fees included. Extra copies for members are NIS40 (US$20) shipping inclusive. 

Contributors and other interested parties who are non-members may order copies for NIS50 (US$ 25) each shipping inclusive.  Please send orders to treasurer: Chanita Millman, 15 Shachar Street, Beit Hakerem, Jerusalem 96263, ISRAEL (millmanm@inter.net.il). Checks should be made out to "Voices Israel Group of Poets in English".

Annual Competition

Voices holds an annual competition in memory of Reuben Rose, the founding editor. Submissions are invited from members and are judged by a panel of three independent judges. Cash prizes totaling $650 are awarded as well as publication of the winning poems and honorable mentions.

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